Kelvin Moore, CISO & Acting Deputy CIO at the U.S. Small Business Administration, on a successful cyber transformation journey driven by federal agency collaboration with technology

“As technology evolves, we must ensure the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) evolves with it. When Kelvin Moore assumed the role of CISO at the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) in 2021, he saw tremendous potential for advancing cybersecurity technology. His mission is to fortify cybersecurity across the agency’s operational framework, ensuring the integrity of programs critical to small business transactions. His extensive federal agency experience includes pivotal roles at the Defense Information Systems Agency, US Department of State (Twice), and CIO of the US Army, Aberdeen Test Center. Throughout his career, Moore has excelled in leveraging collaboration, technology, and vendor partnerships to drive efficiencies and enhance stakeholder value.

A Cyber Transformation Journey

“Upon my arrival, I introduced our leadership team to new technology and innovative approaches,” he explains. Drawing on his previous roles, Moore led visits to other agencies, showcasing real-world scenarios where technology, collaboration, and people were crucial to mission success. This exposure catalysed a cybersecurity transformation within the SBA. The resulting creation of the Technology Modernisation Fund package will enhance cybersecurity and drive efficiencies. The SBA will be well-positioned to align its cybersecurity governance with current and future technology insertions, ensuring robust protection and operational excellence.

Supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs

Throughout the cyber transformation journey, the SBA’s strategic vision remains paramount. “Our mission is to ensure small businesses thrive globally,” Moore emphasises. The SBA meticulously considers how new implementations impact the capabilities supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. It strives to protect the intellectual property of the numerous businesses it interacts with daily. Collaborative efforts across SBA’s various lines of business ensure minimal customer impact and aim to enhance customer experience positively.

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