CPOstrategy discusses how strategic procurement is the way forward at a rapidly growing enterprise, with John Butcher, Group Procurement Director Just Eat Takeaway.com.

Just Eat Takeaway.com is a global food tech company whose household names of Just Eat, Takeaway.com, and Lieferando are part of the most successful, disruptive enterprises to have entered our lives in the past 20 years. Matching up restaurants with customers and delivery services has been so successful, the company has spawned some big-name competitors in a rapidly growing market. 

John Butcher, Group Procurement Director Just Eat Takeaway.com…

The company formerly known in the UK as Just Eat, now trades as Just Eat Takeaway.com; the result of an acquisition of Just Eat by Danish food company Takeaway.com in 2020 and it is growing, fast, largely through acquisitions, allowing it to take root in new locations. Just Eat Take away .com runs a single-brand identity in each territory and claims: “This is the most efficient and effective approach to reach consumers… our single brand identity and strategy is efficient because we are able to concentrate all our marketing efforts around a single brand with only a limited organisation; and it is effective because we can offer the broadest possible restaurant and cuisine selection to consumers – meaning we can appeal to the entire market”. 

A company growing at the rate Just Eat is, particularly after the uptick it experienced during the COVID pandemic, presents a number of challenges to the procurement function. In fact, before John Butcher joined the company as Group Procurement Director, there was barely a procurement function at all. “I joined Just Eat (in Sept 2019) with a clear mission to design, build and lead the procurement function,” he explains.  

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