Todd Salmon, Executive Advisor for Strategic Services at GuidePoint Security, on the cybersecurity challenge of keeping up with the pace of the ever-changing digital world

GuidePoint Security is an elite team of highly trained, top certified experts who cut through cybersecurity chaos and confusion to put control back in customers’ hands. They help make customers the smartest, most informed decisions. By choosing and integrating products and services that are the best fit, they can build the most effective cybersecurity posture.

GuidePoint recognises that no one size fits all. It is this personalised approach that allows organisations to generate the most value. The company adopts the role of a trusted advisor and gains an overview of the business to work out the challenges. Evaluating the best cybersecurity strategy GuidePoint introduce best-fit solutions to counter risks.

Digital Transformation at scale

Salmon has witnessed first-hand the scale of digital transformation as technologies are leveraged across industries. However, he believes technology moves “too fast” for the industry to keep up. “Cybersecurity is in such a reactive mode because of the sheer volume of vulnerabilities an organisation faces – it’s overwhelming,” he describes. “I think it moves way too fast and technology outpaces our ability to keep up with it which is why we have so many issues with security and quality.

“The ability for people to be more thoughtful and strategic is so important. You need time to get it done. But our biggest restraint is the human factor in being able to do more with the same amount of hours in the day.”


Cybersecurity is interconnected with many other forms of enterprise risk, and the threats and technologies are evolving quickly. As a result of this, stakeholders must work together to ensure the right level of security and guard against blind spots. With increasing sophistication of threats and a growing network with architectural complexity, it creates a multitude of potential problems to overcome. Salmon is well aware of the risks.

“The speed of the industry has led to automation and the digital transformation of everything we see today is the result of that,” he explains. “Everything’s got to be done so fast, so customers can get their widget, product or service to market faster than their competition. But it means we over-engineer, we overthink, and we try to go to market too fast. It’s that mindset of I’ve got to get this done regardless of what the consequences are. I worry we outpace our ability to keep up.”

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