Sreeveni Kancharla, Chief Information Officer at Coalfire, discusses cybersecurity and the art of a change agent amid digital transformation in the industry

If you wait for something to happen, then it’s often too late. The art of having a finger on the pulse is an essential ingredient to success. Failure to manage change and implement cybersecurity protocols could mean leaving an organisation vulnerable to hackers. 

Managing threats with cybersecurity

Sreeveni Kancharla, Coalfire’s first Chief Information Officer, is leading the company’s digital transformation with unwavering determination. As a cybersecurity advisor, Coalfire assists private and public sector organisations in managing threats, closing gaps, and mitigating risks. Kancharla ensures that her team stays up-to-date with the latest technologies to guard against zero-day attacks.

Under Kancharla’s leadership, Coalfire collaboratively manages back-office modernisation to transform the business while keeping the customer at the forefront of the decision-making process. Kancharla’s focus on accelerating sales ensures that the sales team spends less time on systems and more time selling. As she drives internal transformation, Kancharla remains keenly aware of the customer’s needs, emphasising simplicity in everything they do.

Digital Transformation

Kancharla, a self-proclaimed ‘change-agent,’ identified critical areas for Coalfire’s digital transformation upon joining. Her arrival filled the void for a technology figurehead to lead Coalfire’s evolution through digital transformation, cybersecurity and automation. Since joining, Kancharla has leveraged automation to scale efficiency and mitigate bottlenecks and issues down the chain. Kancharla’s mission is to simplify complex business processes, establish a data-driven culture, and improve security posture while working collaboratively to eliminate current bottlenecks and pain points for Coalfire employees while elevating customer experience.

As with any new approach, change management must be observed to ensure new waters are navigated with care. Digital transformations and broken processes can be difficult, but Kancharla takes a data-driven approach, demonstrating how simplification can lead to success. By providing examples and relating them to how a simpler way of working can help on the journey, Kancharla ensures everyone understands the route to navigate the transformation together.

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