Stefan Steffen, Executive Leader for Data Insights & Intelligence reveals how BCX is leveraging AI to strategically transform businesses and drive their growth

Born in South Africa, BCX is a subsidiary within the Telkom Group. It works as a strategic business partner, reimagining digital roadmaps and implementing integrated systems. BCX leverages Data and AI to drive evolution and growth for organisations.

The Data & AI journey at BCX

The Data Insights & Intelligence team plays a pivotal role in delivering enterprise services for BCX to corporate South Africa across the Data and AI value chain. The team covers essential elements such as data management and governance, supported by advanced tools and technologies provided by the data engineering team. This foundation enables the data science team to deliver actionable insights and intelligence. It empowers businesses to grow and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

“Our commitment to leveraging data and AI to drive innovation is geared toward strategically transforming businesses and driving their growth. By harnessing the power of technology, we can unlock new opportunities, drive efficiency, and enhance competitiveness for our clients,” says Jonas Bogoshi, CEO at BCX.

Innovation driving digital transformation

“Innovation is the cornerstone of digital transformation at BCX. This resonates with a focus on innovation that originated during my time at Telkom Group,” says Executive Leader for Data Insights & Intelligence Stefan Steffen. “We worked with the Telkom Group Innovation Office to spearhead the establishment of a vibrant innovation community. We refined the process from idea conception to prototype development and executive pitching to secure funding for execution.”

The BCX Data Insights & Intelligence team looks at where customers are on their Data and AI journey. Steffen explains BCX’s AI value approach. “We take five steps that help our clients through that enablement journey.”

1. Start with People in Mind: This first step prioritises internal change management and adoption. We understand the importance of preparing teams for this transition, ensuring a smooth and successful integration of AI solutions.

2. Assess Your Readiness: We work with clients to evaluate their data infrastructure, skill sets, and overall preparedness for incorporating AI. This allows for a tailored plan that maximises their AI implementation potential.

3. Earn Trust: Building trust through robust governance, security, privacy, and responsible AI practices is key. This ensures safe and transparent development and deployment of AI.

4. Execute with Speed and Employ Agility: Prototyping allows us to rapidly deploy AI solutions that deliver value quickly. This iterative approach promotes agility and ensures AI implementation in line with client needs.

5. Act with Intention and Execute Control: Finally, we help implement robust and scalable AI solutions with controls that ensure sustained value while adhering to responsible AI principles.

Leading with Data at BCX

“At BCX, we recognise the evolving landscape of leadership,” acknowledges Steffen. “Gone are the days of rigid, top-down leadership. Today, adaptability is paramount. Transparency is key in this new paradigm. Communicating openly, even when uncertainty arises, and embracing a consultative approach to guide the team through change.” Through its Data Insights & Intelligence team, BCX is well-positioned to move forward and meet the future demands of delivering valuable insights to customers across a wide spectrum of industry verticals.

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