The RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre was the location for the world’s leading fintech conference.

Money20/20 Europe offered a unique blend of insightful keynotes, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. These underscored the transformative power of emerging technologies in financial services.

This year’s theme was ‘Human X Machine’. Money20/20 Europe explored the relationship between humans and intelligent machines, focusing on how the partnership between artificial and human intelligence will forge a new era in finance…

Innovations in AI and Open Banking

Artificial Intelligence was a major theme throughout Money20/20. A notable session featured Patrice Amann from Microsoft and Kevin Levitt from NVIDIA. They discussed the role of Generative AI in transforming customer experiences in banking. They highlighted the importance of integrating business-specific data to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of AI solutions​​.

Open banking also garnered significant attention at Money20/20. Mastercard and bunq announced a partnership enabling users to consolidate multiple bank accounts through bunq’s AI-driven money assistant, Finn. This move is part of a broader trend towards greater financial integration and personalised banking experiences​​. Additionally, and Prommt unveiled a collaboration to improve open banking payments. This illustrated the increasing importance of seamless, user-friendly payment solutions in the fintech landscape​​.

Why Money20/20?

Fintech Strategy met with SC Ventures, Lloyds Banking Group, OSB Group, AirWallex, Plaid, Paymentology, Episode Six, Mettle (NatWest Group) and more to take the pulse of the latest trends across the fintech landscape…


Michelle Prance, CEO, Mettle (NatWest Group): “It’s good for Mettle to come here because we are a fintech that was incubated inside a large bank for fintechs. Quite often their route to market, and capitalisation, is by going into a main bank being acquired. It’s a marriage between a big organisation and the small nimble fintech. People are really interested in what we’re doing because big incumbents want to be fast and nimble. They don’t always have the capital to invest in something like we’ve been able to do with Mettle. So, they’re interested to know the right route. Do they incubate in house? Or do they buy it in? And what’s the right way to do that without killing the culture? These are the types of interesting conversations we’ve been having here.”

Episode Six

Craig Ramsay, MD Business Development, Episode Six: “Networking is really important for us as a small company. There are lots of people here who can actually solve problems and it’s the collaboration I get quite excited about. What I’ve seen change in recent years is that the big banks are looking to find small organisations like us to figure out how to solve their payments problems. And that’s different to when I was working for a bank only a few years ago. You just have to be here at Money20/20… What I’m seeing, since we returned after Covid, is how many people from different parts of the world are coming here to actually talk to each other in person. If you’re not here at Money20/20, then it’s actually hard to be relevant in this industry.”

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