We list five vital books in procurement and supply chain strategy that are reshaping the way we work.

We list 5 essential procurement/supply chain management books that are reshaping the way we work today.

Trade Wars, Pandemics and Chaos 

How digital procurement enables business success in a disordered world 

Dr. Elouise Epstein 

Foreword by Len DeCandia 

In our conversation with procurement leaders, this book comes up time and time again. Dr. Epstein is a digital futurist and Kearney partner with over two decades of experience working as a trusted adviser with major clients to develop digital procurement and supply chain strategies. 

An in-depth look at how to strategise, evaluate and approach the fast-changing realm of digital procurement, Epstein’s book identifies how, more than any other enterprise function, procurement has grown from back-office cost control to strategic business partner. Of course, today’s procurement practitioners are also at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility, and so making changes by directing where and how enterprises spend their money is proving increasingly vital.  

This book is a hugely trusted partner in establishing a blueprint for approaching the complexities of modern procurement and how and where to make smart technology investments. 

Sustainability, Innovation and Procurement 

Edited by Sachin Kumar Mangla and Sunil Luthra

The world is in a constant state of unprecedented change with rising inflation and costs, geo-political and energy crises plus the effect of climate change upon our lives and businesses. Sustainable procurement is the hot topic right now. Indeed, the pursuit of sustainable objectives through the purchasing and supply process, while balancing environmental, social, and economic objectives is a common challenge facing procurement and supply chain leaders. But worry not, as this book will help readers develop new contemporary knowledge about frameworks, innovative tools and techniques to achieve sustainability in public as well as private procurement practices. The book will enable scholars and practitioners working in the domain of sustainable procurement to improve the overall performance of the supply chain and further achieve UN SDGs, by making various decisions at the planning and strategic phase of the business. 

E-Logistics – Managing Digital Supply Chains For Competitive Advantage 

Edited by Yingli Wang and Stephen Pettit 

Unlocking value and streamlining processes is proving to be a driver for supply chain professionals with E-Logistics fast becoming a burgeoning function. Serving as the central nervous system for the whole supply chain enabling smooth information flow within, and between, organisations, E-Logistics offers myriad benefits and value. This new and updated edition provides the latest and most comprehensive coverage on digitalisation in logistics and supply chain and covers all transport modes, plus the role of ICT in supporting an integrated freight and supply chain network. 

The Technology Procurement Handbook 

A Practical Guide to Digital Buying 

By Sergii Dovgalenko 

Buying technology is easy. Buying the right technology is much harder. While buying the wrong technology can be disastrous. With the rise of cloud services and the digitisation of all business units, procurement managers need to understand how to buy technology services in order to generate revenue, drive innovation and retain customers. The Technology Procurement Handbook provides a structured and logical view of the digital buying process, including invaluable advice on how to manage digital demand, prepare sourcing strategies, analyse the cost and benefits of proposed solutions and negotiate and implement comprehensive agreements. 
The Technology Procurement Handbook examines the multiple streams of data that feed into the technology procurement process and includes case studies and extensive practical advice based on the authors experience from recent procurement projects.  

Disruptive Procurement Winning in a Digital World 

Edited by Michael F. Strohmer, Stephen Easton, Martin Eisenhut, Dr. Elouise Epstein, Robert Kromoser, Erik R. Peterson, Enrico Rizzon 

There is no doubt that procurement has undergone a major revolution in recent years and one of the most fascinating off-shoots from this change has been Disruptive Procurement; a radical new approach to creating value and innovation by challenging the status quo in the entire product and service line. It requires going far beyond conventional desktop procurement to understand the value the company brings to its customers as well as the value that suppliers bring to the company. Disruptive Procurement Winning in a Digital World boasts a strong raft of contributors, with a wealth of experience across the procurement sphere. 

To move toward Disruptive Procurement, companies need a holistic view and a complete new set of capabilities for staff in marketing, sales, R&D, manufacturing, innovation, and, of course, procurement. This will only happen if procurement is fully backed by the Chief Executive Officer and companies embrace digital tools that will help make procurement slimmer and smarter. 

Author: Kevin Davies 

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